Lev Nikitin. Senso di Fame. Interactive performance

"Due to life changes and the forced move to Italy, I started to re-examine my artistic practice and some means of expression lost their meaning for me. The choice to change my life also influenced my relationship with art. Art is inseparable from life and transforms with it. This fact made me reflect on the consciousness of decisions. Every choice is an act of responsibility.

In this performance, I propose that you make a choice that will determine the vector of my art in the future. In this performance you can vote, in the way I propose, and decide whether I will continue to paint or exclude this practice from my artistic expression. By making your choice, you will understand which hunger is stronger: the material hunger or the spiritual hunger.
The right to choose is the right to freedom. Every choice, even the simplest one, inevitably conditions our existence."

Instructions for participation:

You will be offered the choice of buying a painting of a cheburek or buying a real cheburek* cooked expressly in front of you for the price of street food.
By buying the painting you will vote for Lev to remain a painter, by buying the cheburek you will vote to exclude painting from the artist's practice. The number of purchases is unlimited.

* Central Asian dish consisting of fried dough stuffed with meat or vegetables.

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