Cynthia Fusillo. I Have All I Need

We are proud to introduce Cynthia Fusillo, artist in residency. Saturday 10th of August she will show us her poetic and feminine artworks.

"In my recent work I use the body as a metaphor for the human experience. With the use of seemingly “fragile” materials (paper, twigs, flowers, leaves) I have an intention to show the power of vulnerability.

Layering transparent papers, combining image and word and the practice of collage helps me make sense of things. Through meticulousness and complete abandon I come to some resolution. Recently, I have been making collaged dresses, shoes and body casts from pieces of nature, including coffee grounds, teas, flowers and recycled prints. These raw materials already have a language that shapes each work’s form. While my creative process relies upon these acts of collecting and recycling physical materials, it equally requires more ephemeral yet essential elements – thoughts, desires, intuition and most of all questions.

The mundane and the metaphysical are always interconnected in my work."