Cristina Arnona: Conversations with trees, animals and human hart.

For our fifth anniversary on 11th of June the actress Cristina Arnone will make a reading from Chandra Candiani: “conversations with trees, animals, and the human heart”.

Cristina Arnone, actress, author of poems and director (so far) only of herself, graduated with honors from the DAMS in Roma Tre with a thesis on Leo de Berardinis. Over the years he has gained work experience in the most diverse fields, from children's theater to the company of Glauco Mauri, from TV series to performances directed by Giancarlo Cauteruccio, carrying out in parallel his own research through personal creations in the form of a soliloquy that began with Gaia, the land of mezzo (2005) and developed with Rebecca (2008). Her main interest is the art of the actor and how this can be developed for the purpose of representing the female in contemporary society.