We appreciate your willingness to contribute and would like to invite you to dinner to express our thanks! If you are in Italy, or you plan to visit here, please feel up the contact form at the bottom of the page and we'll wait for you at Stone Oven House!


What else can be done for the project?


In addition to money, Stone Oven House can be supported with useful things and good actions.

Perhaps you have something that you do not need, but will come in handy here. Or do you produce and sell something good and are ready to share it with us? As, for example, the company “ABM Ceramiche e Caminetti” did it, giving us a wonderful fireplace in exchange for artworks. It warms the house on winter evenings


What is always relevant?

  •  tools for work
  • materials for creativity and repair
  • furniture for home and open spaces
  • kitchen utensils and interior accessories
  • warm blankets, pillows and bedding
  • firewood
  • food
  • seeds for the garden and plants


Additionally, you can help with:

  • spreading the information about the project
  • offering knowledge and advice
  • physical assistance
  • legal aid
  • organising events


And do not hesitate to ask us how we can help you. We are glad to be useful.

You are invited for a dinner at Stone Oven House! PLease feel up the form and leave the note about yourself. When would be the best for you to come? Do you have any food restrictions? Would you come with someone else?

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