Stone Oven Club is established to support the Stone Oven House and it’s friends. Membership in the club provides benefits that can be selected individually from the proposed list. Adequately to the request, you can determine the share of participation in supporting the project. Beside this yearly membership fee of 40 euro will be required after our confirmation. The money will go to the Stone Oven House association account and will use for the Club needs. You'll get your club card valid from January 1st till December 31st.

    What is your name?

    Your family name?

    How can we call you?

    Date of birth

    Where do you live now?

    All the languages you speak:

    Tell to the Club more about you. What are you doing in your life?

    Who suggested you to join Stone Oven Club?

    Which benefits would you like to get?
    a free coffee or a glass of wine whenever I come oversecret information available for members of the club onlysome nights a year in the best room available free of chargesome nights a year in the shared room free of chargeinvitations to closed stone oven club meetings and eventsinvitations to events of our partnerspossibilities to organise dinners for my friends at Stone Oven Houseone month of free stay as a volunteeropportunity to organise events or workshops at Stone Oven Househelp with organising exhibitions or other events in Italya surprise present once a yearinvitations to Stone Oven Pizzaan artwork from the stone oven house collection once a yearan access to Stone Oven House travel projectsan opportunity to vote and choose the candidates for the artist-in-residency programsInvitation for video screenings20% discount for any bookingsaccess to private stone oven house video accountinvitation to Stone Oven online meetings10% discount for any workshops arranged at Stone Oven House
    How can you help the project?
    I'm ready to donate euro a month.
    Beside this I would:
    support artists of your residency buying their artworkssponsor the stay of one or more artists in residencyhelp to participate in calls for funding projectsprovide Stone Oven House with some art suppliespresent to the residency some useful thingsdonate some music instruments or sound equipmentregularly update Stone Oven Bar collectionregularly update the Stone Oven Libraryregularly supply Stone Oven House with extra virgin olive oilregularly supply Stone Oven House with organic flourpick up some goodies for the shared tablehelp with renovation of the houseorganise art exhibitions of the Stone Oven House residentswork with texts and documentsprogrammhelp around with housework or gardensupport the Stone Oven House community with food or winegive discount for my services to the Stone Oven Club members
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    Your address where we can send you presents.


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