Stone Oven House is neither a hotel nor a dormitory. It is a house of artists who practice hospitality like art. Your room will become a personal gallery. Its exposition will be composed of artworks from our collection, selected for you. Which ones – let it remain a surprise. Each room in Stone Oven House is also a piece of art itself. Each one has a name. Which of them is yours, we will understand when you write us a letter.

An entire volume of the World's Culinary Encyclopedia deserves our table. We have no right to hide it’s wealth. Feel free to share your eating habits and restrictions. We will prepare what will definitely delight and surprise you. The aromas of the wild forest, the colors of the alpine meadow and the fruits of the Mediterranean garden will scatter like pearls in the box of your memories. The fresh cheese and fragrant wine from the barrel will do the trick, and you will not be able to avoid your return. Think twice. Happiness is highly addictive.

Don't ask for prices. Money is just paper. Part with your savings easily and carefree! Tell us about your daily budget and we will understand what we can offer you and discuss the details. If you are used to staying in inexpensive hostels, it doesn't matter, here you won't spend more than always. You’ll find your room tidy and cozy. And in the kitchen, instead of free boiling water and instant coffee, you will find a full breakfast, full-scale lunch and dinner of all time. If your standard is a boutique hotel, we are sure we will not disappoint your expectations either. But in the hotel you pay for the stay, and here we share with each other what we are lucky enough to have.




    What is your name?

    Your family name?

    How can we call you?

    Do you have some citizenship?


    Where do you live now?


    Do you speak English, Russian, Italian or something else?


    Is anyone coming with you?


    When would you come?
    Departure .

    Alternative dates if there any

    How did you find Stone Oven House?

    Why would you like to come here? What is you plan? What are your expectations?


    Tell us more about you. What is your profession, occupation, education, meditation? What do you like? What do you hate?


    What is your relationship with art? Do you like contemporary art or you prefer classic painting оf 18 century? Do you have favourite artists? Have you ever support an artist in your life?


    What is your relationship with travelling? In a new place do you prefer to visit all the attractions and museums or rather discover unknown corners and see how the locals live?


    What kind of accommodation do you usually choose when travel?
    inexpensive hotel4-5 star hotelboutique hotelhostelbudget homestaybeautiful apartment or a housecouchsurfingcampinga free corner under a train bridge

    Point on three most important criteria when choosing accommodation:
    interior design detailsprivate roomensuite bathroomsilent bedroombig space with separated roomsfireplaceprivate kitchenopen terracebalcony with a nice viewcozy and shiny spacesmall but comfortwell heated roombig double bedeconomic optiona separate children roomability to come with pets
    Do you have any special requests about food? Do you have any allergies or restrictionсs? Do you follow any diets? Knowing this we'll cook something taking into account your needs.


    How can you help to the project?
    For food and accommodation I'm ready to spend euro a day.
    Stone Oven House exists thanks to people's support. Your voluntary contribution will help fund the project. We are not asking you to donate right now, you can do it after we sign the dates of your arrival.
    – I'm willing to contribute with euro
    Beside this:
    I would support one of the artist of your residency buying an artwork.I would provide Stone Oven House with some art supplies.I would present to the residency some old furniture or other interesting things.I would donate some music instruments or sound equipment.I would bring a bottle of rare spirit to your bar collection.I would pick up some goodies for the shared tableI would help you with renovation of the house.I would organise an art exhibition of the Stone Oven House residents.I would grab some presents for you guysI would help you around with housework or gardenI would cook a delicious dinner for the Stone Oven House community

    Stone Oven House is located 50 kilometers from Turin, and 6 km away from the nearest bus stop of Luserna San Giovanni. You can learn more how to reach us and come on your own or order a transfer.
    I'll come on my ownI would order 15 euro transfer from Luserna San GiovanniI would order 40 euro transfer from PineroloI would order 90 euro transfer from TurinI would order 200 euro for a transfer from Milan



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