18.02 Religion/Politics. Group exhibition of artists in residency

27.02 Milan – 1.03 Istanbul – 8.03 Vienna. Transmorphing. Balovin&Beccato

11-12.03 Screening of The Witness Trauma by Taya Zubova

18.03 Senso di Fame. Interactive performance by Lev Nikitin

15.4 Zoya Pilipenko. Open studio

20-23.04 In Kind Exchange. Balovin&Beccato. Helsinki, Stockholm

7.05 Sensitive Objects. Open studio by Katya Kabalina

27.05 East. Photo exhibition by Alessandro Treggiari

27.05 Monica Perosino presents her book 'The Snow of Mariupol'

27.05 Gianni Denitto. Jazz/electronic improvisation

28.05 Painting workshop with natural pigments by Danielle Petti

8.07 The ABC of War by Andrei Bilzho

21.07 Concert by Blue Reed duo

11.08 Voices in Dialogue with the Elements. Research project between song and mountains

26.08 Final exhibition of young creatives from the Kaskad school

26.08 Open Studio of artists-in-residence Elena Horgan and Shamil Shaaev

9.09 Film projection: Orto. Anna Tretyakova. Discussion on plant rights

24.09 Ksenia Fedorova, Max Rudenko, Dannil Koronkevich. Concert, jazz, electronic, improvisation

6.10 SOH Canta! Concert

28.10 Lev Niukitin. Non/Umano. Solo show, performance

25.11 Ekaterina Galaktionova. Cadavere Squisto. Solo show

25.11 Shelter. Multimedia project in collaboration with

25.11 Hope for peace. Discussion on current military conflicts