There are people who come visiting the residence to just have dinner or a lunch at the shared table. Here, the local blueberry farmer sits next the sound artist from Vienna, and in front there is  an old Spanish writer whispering something to a radiant girl from Brazil. Today for lunch there is homemade pasta and deep fried zucchini flowers , for the dinner we'll served Peruvian stuffed potatoes, and tomorrow a hot Russian borsch with a shot of chilly and honey vodka.

When the stone oven is fired up, another sacred ritual begins. The dough was started the night before and energetically kneaded the next morning. A part of it is for pizza, the rest for bread and for farinata, Ligurian flat cake from chickpea flour. It's waiting for its turn. Local shamans teach us how to relate to the fire. When the smoke crosses the sun, and the red-hot brick vault turns white, you can load the first pizza. Then, when everybody is full, it is time to count the stars. While the bread is still cooking, by the fire, the musicians are already jamming .