Take part in our experiment and have your portrait done in exchange for anything useful.


A few years ago Sergey started painting portraits in exchange for useful things. This principle enable him to live in a different way. When he understood he could go further he decided to try a deeper experiment: avoid completely money. He crossed the globe without a penny from China to Mexico, exchanging portraits with accommodation, transport and food. Up to now he has exchanged more than 7000 portraits in exchange for at least 7001 gifts. In 2015 Claudia left her job and joined him. A year later they got married in an art gallery without investing a capital. Even their honeymoon was money free: they just hitchhiked and exchanged accommodation with artworks. A few months ago later they got a home in exchange for care and maintenance. They have furnished it completely with furniture and appliances that were given away or offered in exchange for a portrait.