The theme of the complex relationship between human and nature is traced as a red thread in most projects implemented within the walls of our Stone Oven House residency, located in the Alpine foothills, near Turin. The primeval landscape of the mountain ranges and the breath of the elements confuse city dwellers. Here you are obliged to think differently.

Here the true meanings of fire and wind are revealed. Here you can still drink water straight from the stream. Here you can still eat what grows right under your feet. Here you can breathe deeply. Here you involuntarily think: how long will it be possible? Here it becomes a shame to own a car. Here it hurts for every blade of grass under an abandoned plastic bottle. Here, ambitious artists submit to the dictatorship of wildflower beauty. Here high technologies coexist with shamanic archaism. Here, the scientific approach is convincingly consistent with folk signs.

In the art of our residents, the dynamic innovative urban mind meets the conservative rural reality. The harsh highlanders, in fact, educated and sensitive, but different from us, appear as strict judges. Mediocrity is not allowed.

Only powerful projects, only bold experiments, only meaningful statements have a chance here to stay a little longer than an echo in the gorge. And in no case, no hint of the destruction of the existing order. Only filigree inlay in the context that does not violate the harmony of millennial rocks, but immerses us in thoughts about the future,
about the global, about the eternal.