Mellow Yellow Swallows Bellow

To blend with an environment, to become a part of a whole, to lose individuality… City provokes to be separate, to stand out, while life out of the city, in nature, conversely turns out of the surrounding, blending with it, to become invisible. The project «Mellow Yellow Swallows Bellow» is an irony about the human ambition to be closer to nature, because human creates his personal reality, his environment, everywhere he lands, everyone he keeps in his hands. Such is the inwardness of humanity to conversion of everything.

Placatory influence of nature disposes to the meditation. Through the monotonous repetition alike simple action, I tried to tune myself out from urban stress, and for a while connect myself with the beauty of the local nature. I colored the branches with yellow daily during the week. Later this process absorbed me so much that I wished to become this color myself. Watching my actions and trying to understand their causes, I came to the idea of this project.