Marina Skepner. My Shallow Roots


On the April 23 we are looking forward meeting you on the solo show of Zuerich Marina Skepner: My Shallow Roots.

Nostalgie. Homesickness. What do we miss exactly, when we miss home? Is this a landscape? Is this a certain taste or a certain smell? In this age of globalization and mass migrations, what are we referring to, when we say “home”? “My shallow roots” is a series of small minimalistic oil paintings on photo paper that resemble old, aged photos of practically nothing - a field, a tree, a fragment of a house. The author invites us to track her own roots back to the elusive flatland that don’t exist any more - or probably has never existed. It’s an “inner flatland”, a symbol of a Homeland, something that is deep inside despite of its shallow roots.

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