Stone Oven House is a non-profit project. Conceived for friends and friends of friends. It's great that we have many friends, because without their participation nothing would have happened.

We always welcome guests and new acquaintances. When you decide to come, write to us in advance, at least a couple of days. Even if you are not going to us for the first time.

We understand, it is embarrassing for you to come up empty-handed. Just grab something of the list. This will be your contribution for the project. If you come with someone, make two or three offers, if you are three persons than make three or four offers, and so on.


    Hello! My name is
    I'm years old.
    I am
    a freelancernot a freelancera simple working persona simple unemployed personan easy going personnot an easy going persona botanistan intellectuala writera lawyera poeta produceran actora musiciana shamana slackeran entrepreneura bloggera photographera travelera lazy persona builderan architecta designera programmeran IT specialistan engineera doctora doulaa scientista teachera translatora hairdresseran art directora drivera politiciana farmera vegetariana veganan alien.
    I want to come
    At what time? : .

    Who is coming with me?

    I have for you
    one–two kilograms of honeysome propolisfive–ten kilograms of ricea box or fruitsa bag of nuts7–10 liters of homemade winesome liters of pure alcoholthree liters of olive oilten–fifteen kilograms of pastaa big bag of whole wheat flourten liters of farm milka good peace of cheesesome fresh eggs of my chickensthirty rolls of toilet papera warm duveta great mattressa pair of old lampsfive–ten LED bulbsa few soft pillowsa bedding setsome liters of painta couple of boxes of good beerancient varieties of seeds to planta beautiful plantan awesome teapotsome great teaa kneading machinea wood chopping boarda second hand washing machinean astonishing dresstheatre ticketsa cart of dry wooda beautiful carpetnice curtains for windowsa vintage chaira wooden tablea wonderful hammocka gorgeous tenta good bikea mountain of different dishesa musical instrumenta pair of reliable shoesa pair of rubber bootsoveralls for worka welding machinesome toolssome natural essential oila box full of booksa coupon for a massagea printera Tibetan gongan iphone charger cableentrance to swimming poolsome Italian plug adaptershairdressing scissors2019 biodynamic planting calendar10€ to cover some expenses20€ to make it better50€ to pay the municipal taxes

    Beside this
    I'll wash the dishesI'll make you an amazing hair cutI'll make you a Chinese massageI'll chop the woodI'll pay off the electric billI'll pay for the garbageI'll deal with the water billI'll fill the carI'll connect InternetI'll clean the territoryI'll play some musicI'll sing a folk songI'll play Tibetan gongsI'll present you an artworkI'll cook something tasty, I know how to cook and calculate the right amount of foodI'll teach you something usefulI'll prune treesI'll help with the garden

    A few words about myself.

    My cellphone:

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    My e-mail: