Stone Oven House is an embodied dream of  freedom in the post-industrial world. The Utopian concept brings a human from a metropolis to the mountains, into the wild with forests and waterfalls, where denial of money does not deny luxury, where beauty is not a marketing trick, but an inevitability. This is not Paradise. Paradise assumes an absolute, not requiring care. Here, on the other hand, we are invited to work.

It's about an existential framework for life and work for professional artists and active people, striving for harmony with the environment. Here, the boundaries between art and reality are blurred. The daily routine turns into art and vice versa.

Stone Oven House is a search for freedom, through the rejection of stamps and algorithms imposed by the system. It is the acquisition of harmony, through a conscious attitude towards nature and its resources. Our plan is to transition to autonomous self-sufficiency in electricity, water, food and everything necessary for life.

The project is realized in a traditional stone house, in Rorà - an old Italian village, lost in the Alpine foothills.