Lose yourself for a while ... let your gaze wander.
Then, turn on your battery powered synths and your speakers.

The Sonic Picnic is a gathering of synthesizer enthusiasts that takes place in conviviality in the meadows, a moment of musical sharing and immersion in nature. Sharing food is an act of openness and knowledge while listening to music in the nature makes it even more pleasant.

At Stone Oven House, barter and gift represent the daily subsistence practice and development of artistic experiences. Sharing is also a gift. In the world synthesiser exchange and hybridization are customary methods. So, let's all meet together, musicians, enthusiasts, artists and curious ...

Participation in the Sonic Picnic is free. It will take place on Sunday September 30th starting at 12am. Musicians, makers and synthesiser enthusiasts are invited to bring their own instruments, giving priority to battery powered instruments (or solar energy) and portable speakers.

Prepare and bring food to share, in the spirit of Audio HackLab and Stone Oven House. You can also bring something useful to the Stone Oven House (wine, cheese, paints, vacuum cleaners, beeswax, propolis, essential oils, fabric scraps, candles, furniture, glasses, clothes, electrical equipment). Do not forget a small contribution to support the artists and the cozy little place that will host us. This is not a project for commercial purposes, it survives on friends' contributions.