Refuge, Natalya Zaloznaya

The economic crisis, international political tensions, progress in the development of nuclear weapons and the battle with the pandemic are bringing the world closer to global catastrophe. Now is the Doomsday Clock's closest approach to midnight than ever before in the history of mankind. The aggravation of global problems is also associated with information warfare in cyberspace. The rise in fake news and online disinformation campaigns plunges us into the post-truth era. Objective facts become less significant in the formation of public opinion. Appeal to emotions and personal convictions becomes a determining factor. Conspiracy theories are taking over the world.
Shelter becomes one of the basic needs for survival. For most people, this place is their home. The pandemic year passed under the motto "Stay Home. Save Lives". But at home we are not protected from the information aggression that damages the psyche and human relations. Physical barriers are becoming insufficient. What should be the shelter that will save humanity from itself?

The fifth season of Stone Oven House is going under the theme of Shelter.
Belorussian artist Natalya Zaloznaya will share with us her view of this topic through outdoors installation. The entrance is free but you are always welcome to grab some wine, snacks and/or leave a donation to support the artist and Stone Oven House residency program.