Sergei Prokofiev. Place

I am convinced that humanity has always been excluded from nature. Therefore, it began to look for its place, to build its nature - civilization in the hope of finding itself in it. The distance between the world and me is constantly flickering. Sometimes it feels like I'm in the world with people, and then once I'm a stranger. Distance helps me to work as an artist, helps me to be present in the world.

If we talk about presence, it begins to shift in the «Place". The whole situation is disembodied, only the viewer is real, but he also may feel disembodied. The presence of art/artist and the presence of the viewer is literally mixed here.

I've always been interested in light. Light, it is something extreme and borderline, photons are both a wave and a particle. Light, this is 80% of the information we receive, vision works as a perception of reflected light. The very presence of light always tells something. I am pleased when art can emerge from almost nothing when it is revealed.