Lev Nikitin. Scotoma

Lev Nikitin
Scotoma. Sacred place.

The place where we are is hiding its secret from us and showing only the shell, the
visible picture. Sacralization of a place occurs only at the moment when we open it,
activate it. Activation is a personal process of dialogue between a person and a place.
You need to see what is hidden from the eyes by dialogue, remove blind spots, find a
mutual connection with it. And only then the place where we are here and now acquires
sacred meaning. Moving step by step from public space to personal utterance is a
journey through the history of the place, the energy of the place to become one with it.
This is like a life cycle where there is no birth and no death.
The three-part project at Stone Oven House is aimed at activating and sacralizing the
place through the author’s personal practices. The first part is a performance on the
street of Turin, the second part is an intervention on the territory of the residence, the
third part is an exhibition in the residence.