Dear friends, we will be happy to accept you as our helper! For you will be a unique possibility to travel to a beautiful mountain village and live surrounded by art and artists saving your money.

If you are UK, French or Italian citizen and you are under 30 years old, you can participate in the volunteering project supported by European Solidarity Corps in collaboration with Diaconia Valdese. Application form is English:

Otherwise you can apply as a helper right here. The call is open for everybody all the year long.

Let's clarify some details to calibrate our expectations.

It is important that you understand that Stone Oven House is neither a hostel, nor ashram, nor a squat nor a spiritual ecovillage. Here we have different aesthetics and different principles of work and life organization. Neither horizontal equality nor pyramidal hierarchy are practiced here. The house is inhabited by three groups of people: artists, helpers and guests. Each group contributes to the development of the project. Artists fill the house with their art, guests support the residence financially, helpers help with the housework. These are the three big whales that support the little world of our residence.

Regardless of what exactly motivated you to come and what is your material contribution to support the project, if you declare yourself a helper, we will expect your help. Help is a solution to the challenges we face. We cope with these challenges ourselves, but we invite helpers to deal with it because we must work on several other tasks requiring our personal involvement. This means that we will not always work together. In some cases, we will work with you as a team, but more often you will have to cope on your own. However, we are always ready to explain, show and teach you. We will also do our best to make your stay comfortable, tasty and interesting.

So, the duties of helpers include:

- house and territory cleaning
- help in the kitchen
- taking care of plants in the garden
- preparation of firewood for the winter
- assistance in repair and restoration
- harvesting

Perhaps for some reason, you are not ready to do some of these tasks, but you are very good at something else. Tell us about it right away, and we will decide in advance the right duties for you.


    What is your name?


    Your family name?


    How can we call you?




    How old are you?


    Do you have some citizenship?


    Where do you live now?


    Do you speak English, Russian, Italian or something else?


    Do you come with someone else?


    When would you come?


    Alternative dates if there any


    How long do you want to stay?
    1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks1 month2 months3 monthsmore than 3 months.


    How did you find Stone Oven House?


    Tell us more about you. What is your profession, occupation, education? What do you like? What do you hate?


    Why do you choose to come as a helper?
    I want to learn about gardening and rural lifeI want to learn how to manage such a projectI'm not an artist, and I do not have enough money to come as a guestI'm an artist, but I can't afford to pay artist's contributionI like to combine physical activity and vacation in mountainsI'd like to experience of living in conditions different from existing onesI'd like to to practise living in a community being usefulI want to practice Italian languageI want to practice Russian languageI want to practice English language


    Have you had any experience as a volunteer before? If so, please describe. What did you like and what you didn't like about it?


    What kind of work can you help with?
    house cleaningoutdoors cleaningcooking foodgardeningassistance in preparing firewoodassistance in construction and restorationhelp with writing textshelp with maintaining social networksbabysitting


    How many hours per day can you devote to helping the community?


    How many days a week can you devote to helping the community?


    What kind of accommodation would you prefer?
    a bed in the common room will suit mea sleeping bag in a tent will suit meany option will suit meI would rent a separate room or apartment


    Do you have any special requests about food? Do you have any allergies or restrictionсs? Do you follow any diets? We can plan seasonal menu, taking into account your needs.


    The residents of the Stone Oven House community share the cost of food and other unavoidable expenses.
    I will deposit 10 euros per day to cover the costs of my stayI apply with workaway programI can't afford the costs, I need financial support


    Stone Oven House exists thanks to people's support. Your voluntary contribution will help fund the project. We are not asking you to donate right now, but if you indicate the amount that you are ready to contribute after the candidacy is approved, we can better plan the budget. If you can't make donation, indicate zero.
    – I'm willing to contribute with euro


    Stone Oven House is located 50 km from Turin, and 6 km away from the nearest bus stop of Luserna San Giovanni. You can learn more how to reach us and come on your own or order a transfer.
    I would order a 15 euro transfer from Luserna San GiovanniI would order a 40 euro transfer from PineroloI would order a 90 euro transfer from TurinI would order a 200 euro transfer from MilanI'll learn more how to reach you and there on my own




    Please provide proper links to your webpages and social media, if you have any.