Here you find the application form to participate in the volunteering project Mountains to move: youth cooperation and cultural enhancement for the regeneration of mountain areas at Stone Oven House.

Volunteering Team is an action of European Solidarity Corps in collaboration with Diaconia Valdese.

This call is open for 15 young participants (18-30 years old), coming from UK, Italy and France.

The project will take place from the 3rd to 20th of April 2021.

It is a unique chance to discover non touristy Italy, becoming part of an art community and learning new skills.

All fundamental expenses covered by the project:

- travel tickets (up to 275 EUR);
- pocket money (5 EUR x day);
- accommodation: shared rooms in a traditional farm house;
- food: 3 times a day, mostly vegetarian, delicious Italian, Indian, Chinese and Russian cuisine;
- training seminars and final evaluation;
- Youthpass certificate ;
- CIGNA health insurance.

Get ready to contribute to the Stone Oven House project by carrying out various tasks. You will learn and practice the maintenance of cultural heritage, as rebuilding dry stone walls and cleaning the woods. You will also learn how to grow vegetables in the mountains, how to forage for wild plants and how to use it in the kitchen and for cosmetics. At last but not at least, you will assist artists in residence in the installation of their shows.

Of course you will also have to participate in the community life keeping the residence clean. Cooking together and sharing the table will be moments of happy conviviality, savouring delicious food and chatting with interesting people.

If you are not from the mentioned countries, or you have more then 30 years, you can apply as a helper  (supported by Stone Oven House only).





Date of birth:



Spoken languages

How did you know about the project?


Tell us about yourself.
Where are you from?
What is your education/occupation?
Why would you like to participate in the project?

Do you have any experience in volunteering?
If yes, what did you like most about it?
What didn’t you like?
Have you been an Erasmus + volunteer?

Are you involved in any cultural or volunteering association?
This fact would help us to arrange your arrival.

Which of the following are you ready to do?

waking up early morningcollecting garbage in the woodstrimming tree branchesgardeningcollecting wild herbsrenovating and reconstructingtaking care of the shared spacesassisting artistscookingupcyclingsew

What are you doing better from the mentioned activities,
and what absolutely can not do?

Do you have any special dietary requirements or аllergy?

Do you have any health issues?



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