Stone Oven House is a residence designed by artists for artists.

We support authors working in visual art, music, design, sound art, video art, literature, theater, cinema, animation and other possible areas of art.

We are happy to provide studios and exhibition spaces, help with project implementation, and arrange comfortable accommodation.

The selection of residents is carried out in two directions: young authors and professionals. This separation allows us to tailor the program to suit the interests of all applicants. Age limit for young authors: 35 years old. At the same time, authors under 35 with a professional portfolio can also apply as professionals.

The program does not cover the participants' daily expenses, but the sharing economy allows them to be kept to a minimum. Taking into account the financial difficulties of young authors, we calculate the joint budget in such a way that the amount of daily contributions for them would be adequate for student spending. Professional fees are marginally higher, with priority given to the choice of accommodation, workshops and exhibition spaces.

We are always ready to provide invitation letters for applying for financial support to foundations and relevant institutions.


Apply as a young artist.

Apply as a professional artist.