Young artists can work in separate workshops and outdoors. We try to help with the necessary materials and tools. At the end of the residence period, participants present projects in their own workshops, on an open day. It is possible to organize an independent exhibition or performance. The result of staying in the residence can be a completed project or just a stage of it. In any case, we ask the authors to acquaint us and the visitors of the residence with their work. We will also be happy to add one of your pieces to the Stone Oven House collection.

We consider all applications, but we give preference to projects that include at least one of the following aspects:

- correlation with the theme of the year

- interactive dialogue with local residents

- work with the historical and cultural context of the territory

- addressing the topic of rethinking village life in the modern world

- the problem of conscious consumption of resources, recycling

- using the latest technology in art

In addition to the workshops, we will arrange your accommodation. You can stay in our commune for free in a common room or tent. If you value privacy and comfort, we will discuss the possibilities of renting rooms and apartments. All residents are provided with clean bed linen and individual towels. The lack of hired staff and the sharing economy allows you to save a significant part of your living expenses. Tidying and other tasks are shared between residents and volunteers.

We pay special attention to healthy eating. Joint lunches and dinners are one of the important components of the life of our commune. In addition to vegetables and fruits from our garden, we try to purchase organic products from local farmers, keeping costs to a minimum without compromising the quality of life. Taking into account the limited financial resources of young people, we share the cost of food and other needs among residents in such a way that for young authors they are 14 euros per day. Between October and the end of April, we collect an additional € 5 per day for heating.

In exceptional cases, we are ready to cover daily expenses with the community budget. But today the residence exists without external financial support and the number of such cases is limited and determined by the current financial situation.


Application form for young artists

    First name


    Family name


    Your nickname or collective name (if there are any)




    Current residency






    Number of people

    How did you get know about the Stone Oven House?


    How long time would you stay?
    2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks1 month2 months3 monthsmore than 3 months.

    Preferred date of arrival


    Alternative dates of arrival, if there any


    Short bio. Education, list of exhibitions or other activities, link to your website or your artworks.

    Short text about you which we can use to introduce you on our website and social media. You can add a link to your photo and photos of your artworks.



    The project you plan to work on during the residence


    Which work space suits you best?
    a small studio of 12m² with ceilings of 2.1 m higha studio of 17m² with ceilings of 2.9 m higha studio of 33m² with ceilings of 2.3 m highan open air spaceany separate work space is fine for meI don't need a studio to work on my projectother, I indicate in the project description

    What kind of tools and materials do you need? We tell you what we have and what is better to bring with you.


    What do you expect from your stay in the residency? Pick the two most important points.
    ability to focus on a conceived projectexpansion of the network of professional contactsexperience of living in conditions different from existing onesunity with naturejoy of being with other peopleresearch for new forms of self-expressionimmersion in the culture of another country
    How many hours per day can you devote to helping the community with the housework?
    What kind of housework can you help with?
    cleaning and putting things in ordercooking foodhelp in the gardenassistance in preparing firewoodassistance in construction and restorationhelp with writing textshelp with maintaining social networksI will not be able to help with the housework, but I will contribute 10-15 euros per day to pay the helpers

    Would you donate an artwork to the collection of Stone oven House? If yes, please describe shortly what it is about or give a link.


    What kind of accommodation would you prefer?
    a bed in the common room will suit mea sleeping bag in a tent will suit meany option will suit meI would rent a separate room or apartment

    Do you have any special requests about food? Do you have any allergies or restrictionсs? Do you follow any diets? Knowing this in advance, we can plan seasonal menu, taking into account your needs.


    The residents of the Stone Oven House community share the cost of food and other unavoidable expenses.
    I will deposit 19 euros per day to cover the costs of my stayI will deposit 19 euros per day to cover the costs of my stay and 5 euro extra of each day of heating, as I come in a cold season (from October, 1st till April, 30th)I can't afford the costs, I need financial support

    Stone Oven House exists thanks to people's support. Your voluntary contribution will help fund the project. We are not asking you to donate right now, but if you indicate the amount that you are ready to contribute after the candidacy is approved, we can better plan the budget. If you can't make donation, indicate zero.
    – I'm willing to contribute with euro

    Stone Oven House is located 50 km from Turin, and 6 km away from the nearest bus stop of Luserna San Giovanni. You can learn more how to reach us and come on your own or order a transfer.

    I would order a 15 euro transfer from Luserna San GiovanniI would order a 40 euro transfer from PineroloI would order a 90 euro transfer from TurinI would order a 200 euro transfer from MilanI'll get there on my own


    Please provide proper links to your webpages and social media, if you have any.