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Please write us in advance and we will wait for you. This email form will help you with some guidelines.

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    to attend an eventto visit a showto visit meet some artiststo join us for a lunchto join us for a dinnerto join us for an aperitif.


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    Stone Oven House exists thanks to people's support. Your voluntary contribution will help fund the project.
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    support one of the artist of your residency buying an artwork.provide Stone Oven House with some art supplies.present to the residency some old furniture or other interesting things.donate some music instruments or sound equipment.bring a bottle of rare spirit to your bar collection.pick up some goodies for the shared tablehelp you with renovation of the house.organise an art exhibition of the Stone Oven House residents.grab some presents for you guyshelp you around with housework and the gardencook a delicious dinner for the Stone Oven House community


    Stone Oven House is located 50 km from Turin, and 6 km away from the nearest bus stop of Luserna San Giovanni. You can learn more how to reach us and come on your own or order a transfer.
    I'll come on my ownI would order 15 euro transfer from Luserna San GiovanniI would order 40 euro transfer from Pinerolo






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