We opened the Stone Oven House residence to support authors working in the fields of visual art, music, design, sound art, video art, literature, theater, cinema and animation. When considering applications, we give preference to projects involving interaction with the local context and community.

We provide residents with accommodation in shared or separate rooms, an individual studio for work and space for an exhibition / presentation / performance. Residencies can last for a period of one to eight weeks. We discuss other terms individually.

We expect the authors to implement and present the project on time, and we will be happy to receive one or more works in the Stone Oven House collection.

Artists are welcome to come with their families or friends, but we hope that guests accompanying artists will take an active part in the life of the community and help with the housework.

We do not have hired stаff; the project is being implemented with the help of residents and volunteers. The program does not cover the expenses of residents, but the shared consumption economy will minimize costs.

Those who will send their applications till 30.01.2020 have 90% chance to be accepted for the period from May till October 2020.

We also can assist artists seeking grants or other forms of funding in their home country/institution, by providing an invitation letter when a candidature is accepted.


Feel free to apply here:


Application form for artists

First name

Family name

Nickname or collective name (if there are any)



Current residency



Number of people (select 2 or more if you are coming with a family or a collective)




How long time would you stay?
1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks5 weeksmore than 5 weeks.

Preferred dates

Short bio

The project I plan to work on during the residence

Which sort of accommodation would you accept?
a bed in shared room is oka bed in double room with a roommate is oka private room with a single beda private room with a double beda private room with two separate bedsan entire apartmentan entire houseany available option is ok
What do you need to work on your project?
a small studio is oka spacious workshop is requireda space in the open airthe opportunity to retireability to lock the room with a keyI don't need a workshopa tablea computera projectora light spotan easelother, I will indicate in the project description

How much can you contribute to cover food expense and other costs. 15 euro a day covers the basic costs of living.
If you want to help the project become better you are welcome to offer more.

Stone Oven House is located 50 kilometers from Turin, and 6 km away from the nearest bus stop in Luserna San Giovanni. How do you plan to reach us?
I'll come by carI would pay 80 euro for the a transfer from TurinI would pay 50 euro for the a transfer from PineroloI would pay 180 euro for a transfer from MilanI would use public transport and pay 15 euro for a transfer from Luserna S.G.I would use public transport and walk/hitchhike from Luserna S.G.


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