A space is different in the morning and in the evening, is different in the spring and in the autumn, is different when it rains and in the sunshine, is different when it’s cold and in heat. In reality the space of the world is never the same; every dawn is different, every evening the sun is coloring the sky different colors, every autumn the mist is new and every summer the ought is
new. But despite that nature doesn’t reiterate in its most subtle moments, the times of the day and also the seasons, are always returning.
> T. Lemaire, Filosofie van het landschap, 1970

Iris Jans work is about the relationship between a person and a landscape. She explores landscapes, both natural landscapes and urban landscapes. She searches for a certain emptiness and something without function in the fullness of current society.
In VERANDEREN, VERSCHUIVEN she observes the same landscape for two weeks. In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening. Day after day. We often desire a certain greatness and
renewal. But most of the time we forget about simplicity and proximity.

An oasis of timelessness.
The same doesn’t stay the same.
Concentrated attention.
It continues to change, shift.