Fabrizio Joel Urbisaglia and Ivan Canello, two great musicians traveling from Argentina to Russia, will have a stop at Stone Oven House to play some songs for us! It's not a concert it's just a little magic event in one of the most beautiful houses of Piemonte: green woods, fresh air. Even rain is beautiful here. Don't be afraid of the weather broadcast. We don't need windows for such a great panoramic view but we have a roof made of stones! Keep dry and enjoy with us!

Grab some drinks, a bit of food and don't forget about your little monetary donation to support our little cosy place. If everybody would put 10 euro in the box, it'll be enough to cover the basic expenses: bills, taxes and so on. If you can put more you'll help the Stone Oven House to become even better. It's not a commercial project but we count on your friend contribution and appreciate your help.