If you like to combine rest with physical activity and training, you can come as a helper . You'll stay in a shared or separate bedroom. Volunteers live in the same conditions as the other guests of the house. But if artists participate in the project with their creativity, guests with finance, then volunteers with physical help.

We welcome professionals who are ready to share their knowledge, as well as those who can help us:

- to chop wood;

- to water the garden;

- to wash the dishes;

- to cook food;

- to make order;

- to help in everything, without waiting for a special invitation.

We can't cover the expenses for travel and meals, but the sharing economy reduces the costs to 8-12 euros per day. Those who travel without any money can send us a request through the site But with Work Away, we can not take more than two people at a time. From 7-8 applications per month, we choose only two.

So, if a little monetary contribution is not an obstacle, write us here!




Hello! My name is
years old.
I am
a freelancernot a freelancera simple working persona simple unemployed personan easy going personnot an easy going persona botanistan intellectuala writera lawyera poeta produceran actora musiciana shamana slackeran entrepreneura bloggera photographera travelera lazy persona builderan architecta designera programmeran IT specialistan engineera doctora scientista teachera translatora hairdresseran art directora drivera politiciana doulaa farmera vegetariana vegana shamanan alien.
I would come to help you around the house
from to .

In January, when it smells of mulled wine and gingerbread, a red fire crackles in the fireplace, and someone again pulled off a warm blanket.In February, when nobody is there and nothing happens, only snow and blue smoke comes from the chimney.In March, when there are drifts everywhere and you can still ski, And I don't mind to sleep with woolen socks.In April, when a young cloud walks in the gorge, and streams run along the green slopes. When rubber boots will be useful.In May, when the rain is a part of the landscape, and there is a hot soup of fresh nettle for lunch.In June, when every night thousands of fireflies flicker among the trees, and dandelion salad is on the table.In July, when it is hot in the city, but in the mountains it’s just sunny and you can jump in waterfalls all day long.In August, when the house is full of interesting guests, and the stars are falling from the sky.In September, when you can eat pasta with olive oil, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil every day.In October, when it is time to pick sweet chestnuts and try fresh figs.In November, when everyone goes away, but apples and kiwi will ripen. When it's time to begin chopping firewood.In December, when snowfall comes to replace the Indian summer, and garlands are shining in every window.

I am ready to
chop the woodwash the dishescookclean the housewater the gardenplant and growbuildpaintrepairsewdriveprogramtransfermake documentskeep records and counting
Who is coming with me?

Can I request
a room with a single beda room with a double bedshared bedroomdouble tentoutdoor hammockparking place only. I sleep in the camper

I do not like to come empty-handed. I'll grab
something delicaciesa bottle of good spiritsomething which is difficult to get in Italya useful stuff for the householdsome good books for your librarysome nice art

For food and other inevitable expenses I, and everyone coming with me, can contribute with

Would I like some organic Italian wine straight from the winery for lunch and dinner?

For alcohol I can add

I know that Stone Oven House is located 50 kilometers from Turin, and 6 km away from the nearest bus stop in Luserna San Giovanni
but for me it's not a problem, I'll come by carso I would pay 80 euro for the a transfer from Turinso I would pay 50 euro for the a transfer from Pineroloso I would pay 180 euro for a transfer from Milanso I would use public transport and pay 15 euro for a transfer from Luserna I would use public transport and walk/hitchhike from Luserna S.G.


A few words about myself and my plans.

My cellphone:

My email:

My social media: