If you like to combine rest with physical activity and training, you can come as a helper. It's also a way to reduce the costs of your trip, improve new skills and make your stay in a fully furnished mountain house with delicious food and organic wine cheaper, cozyier and more interesting than in a simple hostel without breakfast. The main activities for helpers are taking not more than 4-5 hours a day:

- cleaning the house and outdoor territories;
- washing dishes;
- cooking;
- picking wild herbs;
- chopping wood;
- gardening;
- renovation works;
- assisting artists.

You wont be asked to do something you can not do. For example if you don't know how to chop the wood you can wash dishes instead. But important to underline in your letter what sort of work you prefer to do and what would you like to avoid.

Helpers can stay in shared or private rooms, depending on availability. Advanced booking is recommended.

If by some reasons you are not able to make monetary contribution for food you can probably come without any money and our community will support you. Describe your situation, why you can't cover the expenses. Explain how you can help the project. Keep in mind that this possibility is limited and we have to make selection.




How did you find Stone Oven House?


Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What is your occupation? Why would you like to come here?

Which of the following are you ready to do?

wake up at 7 in the morningwash up dishescooktidy up the housechop woodsawing treesgardeningbuildpaintrepairsewdriveprogramtranslatework with documentsmake accountinglead the volunteers

What are you doing better from the mentioned activities, and what absolutely can not do?

Who else would come with you?

For how long time would you like to stay?
for a weekfor two weeksfor three weeksfor a monthfor two monthsfor three monthsfor four monthsfor five monthsfor half a year.

Probable dates

Which accommodation would suit you?
bed in shared roomprivate bedroomany option is ok

How much are you willing to contribute to expenses?




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